Content isn't always about promotion

Did you know that you can use blogs and newsletters to keep in contact with your employees? In a similar way that prospects read blogs for information or advice, employees can easily access details about the best working practise or keeping updated about significant events or developments within the organisation through an internal blog.


A company blog is ideal if you have multiple offices or a large team. They will be able to access key information easily and can even share their own ideas, leading to better collaboration between different areas of the organisation, all with just a few clicks of a mouse. This also helps to show your employees that they are valued and in turn, boosts overall productivity.


When it comes to using a blog, it's always important to show empathy. Take some time to ask your employees what they would like to get from a blog and if they would read it in the first place. A little understanding often goes a long way!


Another popular content marketing technique is using email newsletters to reach prospects or customers directly. Think about how many emails you receive promoting special offers or giving you a reminder; you may well have signed up through a website or used that organisation's services in the past. This same tailored approach can help you stay in touch with your team.


Just like an internal blog, a newsletter can keep your employees informed about important topics and, because it is sent straight to their email inbox, they can go back to it at a later date. You could also combine your blog and newsletter together by including a link to a key article written previously.


Setting up a company blog or newsletter is more straightforward than you might think. The key is to keep them both updated, which is where your employees could play a key role. Encourage them to share stories from their departments or what they enjoy about working for your company.

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Daniel Burton


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