Does your business have a story to tell?

In 2016, self-published titles made up around 22% of the UK's ebook market, an increase of a quarter on the previous year. Some of them even became bestsellers in their genres. With the self-publishing process becoming much more straightforward, and more ownership for the author, it is hardly surprising that many are seriously considering it for their work.

But what does this mean for businesses?

Even in the Internet era, books remain important sources of information. Students sitting their exams this summer will rely heavily on research papers and textbooks, as well as Google of course. Studies have shown that whilst online blogs and websites are effective, reading printed books aids information retention.


This is largely down to the overall reading experience; the tangible feeling of turning the page results in better storage of information than reading online blogs and websites.


Consequently, books have presented a unique option for businesses looking to be creative with their marketing. Take a look at you and your organisation; there's bound to be a story hidden somewhere. How did your company start? Have you got an interesting or different take on a familiar subject? Are you dedicated?


A book could fit you and your organisation perfectly if you can answer these questions with a high degree of certainty. The last one is particularly important; as many self-published authors will tell you, building an audience is not always easy so you have to be fully committed to making your book work. However, with the right promotion, your book can flourish.

Your book doesn't necessarily need to be a story. It could be used to explain more about what your business does in the form of educational guides, or demonstrating your expertise in a more personal way which positions you as a thought-leader in your field. Books are so versatile that there is no topic that they cannot cover.


With self-publishing making it increasingly straightforward for authors to produce their own work, there is not a lot stopping you from sharing their successes. Even if you feel unsure about writing your book yourself, there is plenty of support out there for you.

Everyone has a story to share, so contact me to learn more about how you can tell yours.

Daniel Burton


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