Helping Gradstrategy to help fellow graduates

Gradstrategy is both creative and innovative in its approach to helping graduates find their perfect career. As well as coaching on a number of key attributes used in applying for jobs, Gradstrategy also assists with creating effective LinkedIn profiles and educating about the importance of ‘soft skills’, both of which could give a graduate an advantage at the interview stage.


Gradstrategy’s handbook, ‘How to Land your Perfect Career after Graduation’, was designed to include practical activities and advice for students coming to the end of their degrees or starting to think about life post-university. As I was in the final year of my degree at the time, I was able to empathise with Benedicta’s audience and what they would need from such a handbook.


My work with Benedicta had several avenues. One of them was assisting with the handbook, which is shown above. I made sure that the grammar was completely perfect, as well as advising Benedicta on its tone and vocabulary.


As I was in Benedicta’s target audience, the advice I gave her proved to be invaluable during her handbook’s early stages. Over time, this grew into a resource that both myself and Benedicta believed would be vital for graduates around the country, though it was important that it was written in a way that fitted with Benedicta’s message and voice.


Another branch of my work with Benedicta involved creating some promotional blog posts for both Gradstrategy on the whole and the handbook. These covered numerous topics related to graduating from university and the uncertainty that often comes with it.


Writing these articles also helped me to understand more about what Benedicta was hoping to achieve from her handbook as the topics approached in the blog posts were also featured in more detail in the handbook, so ensuring that the tone remained constant in both areas was a fundamental aspect of my work.


Together, Benedicta and I devised a monthly content plan covering the articles to produce for that month. We also looked at how these would accompany the handbook and when they would be published. As a result, we established a solid working relationship and the blogs fitted in well with Benedicta’s other marketing platforms.




  • Successful copy editing and publication of Gradstrategy’s handbook
  • Writing  blog posts to build thought-leadership and for handbook promotion
  • Solid working relationship established


Working alongside Benedicta was enjoyable and educational at the same time. I met all of her deadlines comfortably and kept her constantly updated on my progress with the editing of her handbook. 


Seeing the finished article was a proud moment for both of us and I am confident that the work that Gradstrategy does will be of great help to nervous graduates.



Daniel Burton


Copy editing, Blogging, Proofreading, Academic

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