Helping Tappy Twins to help others

Tappy Twins owner Suzanne is passionate about helping young people be the best they can be regardless of their circumstances. To demonstrate this passion and the success that Tappy Twins was starting to have, I initially assisted Suzanne with blog post writing, before later helping with social media management and PR.


As mental health awareness is a topic close to my heart, I already had a natural understanding of the work that Tappy Twins does. What was fascinating to me was the process of Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT; stress and other strong emotions can be released by tapping on certain points around the body. Suzanne is an EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer, and her knowledge was vital when sharing the work that Tappy Twins does.


Suzanne and I both wanted to show that there is support out there for those who are struggling with depression and anxiety, as well as discussing the issue of self-harming. It was also important to show parents that they could help their child if they were self-harming and to make them aware of the reasons why young people do this.


In addition to the blog articles that I produced, I also managed Tappy Twins's Facebook and Twitter pages. These became key platforms for young people to learn about what Tappy Twins does and to show parents and professionals the effectiveness of EFT.


The close working relationship that Suzanne and I had developed meant that I was able to understand exactly what she wanted to get from social media and she always advised me on any alterations to make to the weekly content plans she received. In time, I became even more involved with Tappy Twins through my PR services.


In 2015, Suzanne came up with an idea for a conference celebrating the achievements of the young people Tappy Twins worked with, called The Courageous Kids Awards. In order to give the youngsters the best possible experience, Suzanne wanted to approach businesses to sponsor the event and put together a number of options for them.


To make the West Midlands business community aware of the event and the benefits that sponsorship would have, I wrote a series of press releases to distribute to both the local media and to organisations, such as football clubs and car brands, with the local papers featuring Suzanne in numerous articles.


At the same time, Suzanne was looking to grow Tappy Twins into a supportive community where young people could access the help that they needed. To do this, Suzanne put Tappy Twins forward for a funding programme ran by Sir Richard Branson, called Pitch to Rich. Putting my journalism skills to use, I helped Suzanne produce a promotional video as well as targeting the blog posts and social media content to draw attention to this project.

Even though Tappy Twins did not manage to obtain the funding on offer, the PR and promotional work did succeed in raising awareness of Tappy Twins’s work, and Suzanne was also able to build some new connections.


The Courageous Kids Awards event was a great success and still runs today. Suzanne has since appeared on BBC radio stations and local television, and it is clear that Tappy Twins is going from strength to strength. Working with Suzanne was an absolute pleasure and I felt privileged to be involved in the work that Tappy Twins does.

Daniel Burton


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