How copy editing kickstarted a new business

1Click Meeting Rooms is an app which gives anyone needing to hire a conference space a one-stop portal to all the spaces available in their area. With the average corporate event lasting over a day and a half, Andrew had found there was a genuine need for individuals to not only find the right space for the event but also the right accommodation. His app allows prospective customers to save time on finding the right venue and accommodation at the right price, all from a smartphone or tablet device.


In order to help kickstart 1Click, Andrew approached a crowdfunding platform to gain some vital investment. This required him to upload a business plan so that potential investors could learn more about 1Click. To make sure his business plan was perfect, Andrew used my copy editing and proofreading service.


As a business plan is often the first point of contact between a new business and an investor, it should be error-free and word-perfect. Not only that but all facts and financial calculations need to be completely correct. With meticulous detail, I went through Andrew’s business plan, tidying up any spelling or grammatical errors whilst also ensuring the information was accurate. I also made Andrew aware of any sentences which were unclear.


It was also crucial that the business plan was formatted correctly, with all the headlines and sections clearly separated and organised. This presented a professional image to any would-be investors. I also ensured that the fonts used in the document remained consistent throughout.


Though it was important to make the business plan grammatically sound, it was equally important that it still contained all of the necessary factual information and that Andrew’s ‘voice’ came across throughout the document. This was something that I always kept in mind whilst working on 1Click’s business plan, and strive for at all times in my copy editing approach.


Working closely with Andrew, I was able to gain a strong understanding of 1Click Meeting Rooms and how it would be beneficial to its service users. I also met Andrew’s deadlines and provided him with constant updates about my progress.


Consequently, Andrew received a business plan which he would feel confident in showing to potential investors for his new company. In March 2017, 1Click was approved by HMRC and two influential investment schemes.


Operating in a growing market and with several years’ experience, I am confident that 1Click Meeting Rooms will become a major success and all of Andrew’s hard work will pay off.



Daniel Burton


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