Proofreading for university students

I have worked with university students taking a variety of subjects including Pharmaceutical Science and Geography and who wanted to make sure that their dissertations and essays were flawless. Such was the quality of their work, helping students with proofreading and copy editing has also enabled me to expand my own knowledge.


Making the distinction between copy editing and proofreading has been key whenever I've worked with a student. Whilst the latter looks at wholesale changes to a text such as grammatical errors, proofreading looks at finer details such as the consistency in punctuation and layout. For me it's important to only provide suggestions and deliver these in a way that would not take away any originality from the students’ work.


With one student, whose dissertation featured complex chemical formulae and procedures, I was especially careful to ensure that their methodology was clear to understand and provided editorial suggestions when needed. I also carried out additional research myself to understand some of the key terms and context.


Naturally, students have their own deadlines and meeting these was just as important as the actual work. Hitting tight deadlines is a skill that I have demonstrated time and again, and so before I even began the work, I made sure that I could look over the text in a thorough and professional way and give the student plenty of time to check their amended essay before it was due to be submitted.


I delivered my suggestions in a clear way so that the students understood exactly why I made them. By giving them the final say on the amendments, they always retained full ownership of their work.


Having graduated from Coventry University in 2015, I could empathise with the students and understood how nervous they were feeling about their dissertations. By providing them with regular updates about my progress, I worked to reassure them that their work was in safe hands.
All of the students that I have worked with achieved outstanding results and I have no doubt that they will all go on to bright futures and careers.

Daniel Burton


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