Showing Large Scale Film's skills on LinkedIn

Online video has become a popular medium in recent years for many reasons. In fact, some statistics suggest that around a third of online activity is spent watching video content and that 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds. With figures as impressive as these, it is little surprise that businesses are

seeing video as a creative marketing tool.


Large Scale Film’s portfolio includes promotional videos for museums and charities, as well as content which organisations could host on their websites and social media platforms. Large Scale Film has also covered events happening within the city of Leicester and has used aerial footage shot from remote-controlled drones.

Demonstrating the range of skills Large Scale Film possesses quickly became one of my top priorities.


Constant communication was always a key part of the relationship I had with Large Scale Film. They received a content schedule of the proposed posts to go out on LinkedIn at the beginning of each week, and reported any alterations that they wanted to make. These posts were written in a way that demonstrated Large Scale Film’s video expertise and to encourage interaction from their connections.


Being a video production company, it was hugely important to include visual content in all of Large Scale Film’s content plans. This ranged from examples of their work as well as informative videos about different filming techniques, which complimented the news articles that I found online about video marketing as an industry. Finding the right balance between generating thought-leadership and promotion took time, however by working collaboratively, we were able to achieve an effective combination.


Another aspect of managing Large Scale Film’s LinkedIn presence was tracking insights to see where we could improve. Using data provided by LinkedIn itself, I was able to monitor how the posts were performing and any interaction they were receiving. This, in turn, led to improvements in the quality of the posts, stronger calls-to-action, and publishing the most engaging and effective content at the right times.




  • Increased profile ranking
  • Increased interaction i.e. comments and likes
  • Greater exposure of Large Scale’s work


Working with Large Scale Film gave me a great insight into what goes into the video production process. As a journalism and media graduate, I already had some idea about filming techniques and video editing, but the work that Large Scale Film creates for their customers goes above anything in my skillset. This background knowledge also helped me to understand what Large Scale Film hoped to achieve from LinkedIn and some of the terminology, though the research that I carried out to find relevant news stories was just as effective.


Large Scale Film continues working closely with businesses and other organisations, producing video content which shares their message in their own style. Learning all about Large Scale Film’s work was something I thoroughly enjoyed and it was fascinating to keep track of the developments within video production.

Daniel Burton


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