Blog posts written on any topic

Blog posts can be used for almost any purpose. From explaining the inspiration behind your latest novel to explaining how you can help solve a problem, writing a blog can show your expertise and your personality. You can even use articles to keep your team up to date with what's happening in your business.
Your blog is unique to you and should always be written in the way that best shows who you are. This is why my blog post writing service is adapted to suit your style and message, no matter what that message is.
You can use a blog for any purpose. DBE can help with writing and managing your posts.

Promoting your blog 

There's more to a blog than just writing. Keeping it updated and promoting your articles are essential steps when you're building an audience.  
As part of my writing service, I will also reseacrch the key words for search engines and you can even combine managing your blog with your social media. And if you're worried about keeping your blog up to date, I can provide a series of articles each month, ready to upload when you feel the time is right.

Blog post rates

Blog posts and LinkedIn articles start at £15 per 100 words. Find out more about using social media management with your articles, or get in touch for a quote.