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You're bound to feel protective of your manuscript, but a fresh pair of eyes can spot and remove the errors you might have missed. It's also important to work with an editor who cares as much about your work as you do.


As a self-published author and poet, I aim to deliver the same high level of editing I would expect for my own work and always follow the code of practice the Society for Editors and Proofreaders expects from its members.  

The difference between copy editing and proofreading

DBE always works to understand your unique writing style. Get in touch for more about copy editing.
Copy editing is taking the 'raw' material like a novel, brochure, or dissertation, and making sure it is ready for people to read by noticing errors, gaps in plots, and inconsistencies in language and tone. It also alerts the author to potential legal issues such as libelous or defamatory comments
Copy editors are responsible for correcting or questioning facts which may be misleading or inaccurate as well as looking at consistencies with character descriptions and, of course, making sure there are no hidden grammatical, typing, or spelling errors. They are not responsible for completely restructuring a text or ghostwriting.
Proofreading, on the other hand, involves looking at the finer points of publication after the text has been sent to a designer or typesetter. It looks at issues in layout, images, and other areas in presentation. In other words, proofreading is the final quality check before the text (the 'proof') is released.
Proofreaders are not responsible for arranging text layout or design. This is always completed before the proofreading stage and is a separate skill. They are also not responsible for obtaining image or quotation permissions - this is the responsibility of the author and is down to the editor to check whether permission has been granted.
The SfEP describes the difference between copy editing and proofreading as 'wrestling with words, but proofreading is like wrestling in a broom cupboard'.   

Proofreading for students and academia

Mistakes in academic writing can be costly. Errors with spelling and grammar may cause you to lose marks for your academic work, and affect your overall grade.
Having established D. Burton Editing while studying at university, I know first-hand how important it is to check your work for any errors you might have missed; whether it's an essay or your final dissertation, don't let hidden mistakes undo all your hard work.
My proofreading service is available for students studying any topic and ensures that your work is the highest standard it can be. All suggestions and amendments will be sent to you ahead of your final deadline so you can read through your work one last time before submitting it for marking.       

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