Your work, edited to suit your style

There’s more to a story than just writing. Detailed copy editing can turn a good novel into a great one.
You're bound to feel protective of your manuscript, but a fresh pair of eyes can spot and remove the errors you might have missed. It's also important to work with an editor who cares as much about your work as you do.
From historical fiction to fantasy, romance to horror, my copy editing and proofreading service is available for stories in all genres.
Proofreading can also be useful for academic texts such as dissertations, as well as marketing booklets and information guides.
DBE always works to understand your unique writing style. Get in touch for more about copy editing.

Copy editing rates

My copy editing and proofreading services start at £8 per 1000 words. To find out more information or to arrange a free sample edit, get in touch.
One of our customers described working with DBE as 'a real delight'.