Share your story. Copywriting for your needs

Copywriting comes in a variety of forms and lets you speak to your audience in a way that engages with them. Essentially, copywriting is your opportunity to share your story. And the possibilities it brings are endless.
My creative copywriting service is completely flexible and tailored to you. Get in touch for a free profile written about your business to get you thinking about your story.

Copywriting for print 

Printed materials provide a creative first impression for potential customers who may not necessarily be looking for what you're offering as a business. Leaflets, flyers, and promotional brochures are just some of the ways you can get noticed offline, as long as there are no hidden errors and the tone is right.
My copywriting service helps you to not only identify the tone to use in your printed materials but also ensures that there are no embarrassing mistakes which can put off potential customers. Whether you're looking for a new brochure to display in your store or short leaflets to display at trade exhibitions, detailed, engaging copywriting can make a huge difference.
And if you're not sure about what you want to say, I can also help you identify your brand's key messages and how to put them onto paper. Contact me for a quote.    
From brochures to information guides, DBE can help with all your copywriting needs.

Copy ready for the web

It's not only offline where copywriting matters. Your website is a vital tool in ensuring your customers understand your message and their needs. Websites overloaded with technical language or spelling errors are more likely to turn customers away. 


It's also important to have a consistent message across your online and offline channels. My copywriting service allows you to identify gaps in your brand's message and ensure these are addressed. The result is a clear, confident message which can be heard across all your platforms. 
Take a look at my web copywriting service and what else you can use it for in your business.    

Copywriting rates

Print copywriting begins at £0.04 per word. Hourly and day rates are also available. If you already have a project in mind, request my free briefing document.


I take great pride in meeting deadlines and working as part of your team. Get in touch to find out more about business copywriting.