Make the best first impression

Your CV is your chance to stand out to an employer. Unfortunately, spelling errors and grammatical mistakes can paint a poor picture.
Having a fresh pair of eyes look over your CV not only picks out these hidden errors, but can also ensure that you're showing your skills in the best possible way. Get in touch to find out how my CV proofreading support can lead to wonderful opportunities.
Your CV or synopsis is your first impression. Make sure you aren't held back by hidden errors.

The first step on the writing journey

A synopsis tells the reader exactly what will happen throughout your story, including the ending. Publishers, agents, and bookshops, will all want to read a synopsis before deciding whether to take your work on.    
Sometimes it's not what you say, but how you say it that makes the biggest difference, especially when it comes to writing a synopsis for your story. It can be difficult fitting everything into a synopsis, but I'm here to help.
As well as making sure that your synopsis is error-free, I can also advise you on approaching publishers and how to make your synopsis appeal to them.

CV and synopsis editing rates

Proofreading for CVs and synopses starts at £100. All work is treated confidentially and you will always have the final say on any changes. To find out more, send a message for a response within 48 hours.