Tell the media your story

We all have a story to share, and creative PR can help you share it with the media. Press releases can be used to promote an event or inform people of your success. I can help with writing a press release for your business and distributing it to the right media outlets.
There's more to PR than just press release writing - blog posts and social media can also be effective in getting your message heard. Find out how you can combine them together.
If you have a story to share, press release writing and media kits can help you to tell it.

Media kits

You can always be creative with public relations. My bespoke marketing media kits can be used for a variety of reasons, from authors launching a new novel to businesses holding a seminar or festival.
Your media kit can be submitted to journalists, given out to your audience, or even used on your website. It is tailored to your style and message, and contains:

- A press release
- A promotional article similar to a blog post
- A synopsis of your work if you're an author, or a Q&A style feature for businesses
- A bio about you and your business or previous work
- A review or testimonial
- Any other information you'd like to include



To find out how a media kit can fit in with your promotion, get in touch to discuss your needs. Why not request a free profile about you and your business to get you started?
DBE supported Tappy Twins with press release writing in 2015 with great results.

PR rates

All of my PR services are unique to your story and style. My collaborative packages can also be used as part of your long-term strategy.
Press release writing starts at £100 and media kits are £200. For more information, contact me using the form below.