Getting started on Instagram 

Creativity is becoming more important when it comes to social media. Instagram is an effective platform for you to show your customers the fun side of your business and still connect with them.     
Instagram can work for a variety of different businesses and is especially important for creatives. It allows you to easily upload your images and videos, using hashtags to ensure they are seen by the people you are targeting. Not only that, but with 500 million active users in 2017, there is a huge audience just waiting for you to tap into.

Reach your audience anywhere

One of Instagram's strengths is that it is mainly a mobile platform. Most Instagram images are taken by a mobile device in real-time, either at events or during their day-to-day activities. 
For businesses and those looking to use Instagram for promoting their creative works, it's important to keep this fact in mind. You can connect with your audience at any time and because Instagram can be easily connected to your other social media pages, there's no need to upload the same image on different platforms.      

Make Instagram work for you

Setting up Instagram opens the door to a world of possibilities. To find out how you can use Instagram as part of your social media promotion, send me a message to discuss your needs.