Share your story with the world

Everyone has a story to share. But if you're writing a novel for the first time, it can be hard to know where to start. No matter which genre you write in, or which stage your manuscript is at, my author services will help you to achieve your writing dreams.       

Copy editing and proofreading

Writing a novel doesn't finish with the first draft. Spelling or grammatical errors and formatting issues can undo all of your hard work. Sometimes, they're not always easy to spot. That's where I come in! 
Whether you're a debut author or have a whole bookshelf of completed works, you can have a novel you can be proud of, that has been thoroughly edited, and is still written in your unique style. With detailed proofreading and formatting for different e-readers available too, your work will be completely polished, ready for your audience!
Email me to arrange your free sample edit (max 2 000 words) and for my copy editing rate.     


Audio is big business! Over the last five years, audiobook sales in the UK have doubled and in 2017, audio accounted for around 5% of all book sales. Having someone else read your novel helps to brings to life and allows you to reach your readers no matter what platform they prefer. And with platforms such as Audible and Soundcloud, the possibilities for audio are endless.
As a regular spoken word and poetry performer, I've delivered emotional and powerful pieces to audiences across Worcester and adapt my style of delivery according to different contexts and genres. My time studying journalism and media at Coventry University gave me the chance work in an industry-standard radio studio and I've also hosted my own show in the past.
Contact me to learn about my audiobook narration and recording service.      

Social media

The world of hashtags, tweets and Instagram filters can be a confusing one, especially if you're just starting getting to grips with it. For authors, this is where your audience expects you to be.
Keeping on top of your social media is often a juggling act. But with my content management service, all of that pressure and stress will be taken away, leaving you to get back to writing! And if you're a social media rookie, I can help you to take your first steps by setting up a Facebook author page or Twitter account. 
Send me a message to find out how to get social media working for you and your writing. 

Ready to become an author?

There's something special about holding your own novel in your hands. And with so much support out there, you can achieve your dream. Get in touch with me today for more about my copy editing and promotional services for authors.